CHIROPRACTIC Health Center

At Damariscotta Chiropractic Health Center,
our aim is to provide a pleasant experience in achieving improved health and performance, as well as a better expression of the body’s full
potential. We have been providing our patients the most technically advanced and efficient methods of chiropractic care available to the profession since 1985. 

It is health that is real wealth 
  and not pieces of gold and silver.
                                                                       ~Mohandas Gandhi

Damariscotta Chiropractic
54 Bristol Road
Damariscotta, ME


To reach us by mail:
PO Box 1117
Damariscotta, ME 04543

Or email:

    Office hours:
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    9AM-Noon and 3PM-6PM

    8AM-2PM and 3PM-8PM


      Most insurances accepted.

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